Hi, my name is

Tyler Duncan Sotubo

Full Stack Engineer

I am a full stack engineer based in London specializing in building exceptional digital experiences.

  • Started my journey into the world of tech and PHP back in 2019 as a blogger working on the WordPress platform. In 2021, I decided to try my hand at creating custom wordpress themes going head first into the rabbit hole of coding and web development.

    Fast-forward to today, and I’ve had the privilege of building software for an advertising agency and a start-up. I most enjoy building software in the sweet spot where design and engineering meet — things that look good but are also built well under the hood.

    When I’m not at the computer, I’m usually running 5k Marathon, reading, playing NBA 2K, NFL Madden or enjoying a game of chess with friends.

    Curriculum Vitae

    My stack:








    Next Js

    Express Js

    Node Js

    Tailwind CSS








    Amazon S3





    Full Stack Engineer

    Worked with a team of developers to build a music lyrics platform using the M.E.R.N Stack. An e-commerce website for selling sports items using the P.E.R.N Stack. And other projects using the M.E.R.N Stack.

    Orchestrated the adoption of a uniform coding style framework that led to a 20% reduction in post-release defects and a 30% increase in developer collaboration and code readability.

    Conducted load testing and fine-tuned codebase to improve application responsiveness; achieved a 45% reduction in latency and facilitated seamless user experience during peak traffic periods.

    Developed and executed a robust data validation system that prevented 90% of invalid inputs from reaching the back end, enhancing data integrity

    2023 - present


    Frontend Developer

    Worked with a team of developers to redesign the wordpress theme of the company's website powered by PHP and MySQL. Worked in a team to Build 3 Apps using the React Native framework.

    Constructed a cohesive design system that unified visual elements and improved user experience flow, leading to a 50% reduction in bounce rates and a 15% increase in average session duration

    Spearheaded a comprehensive application overhaul project resulting in a 50% decrease in server response time, ensuring seamless user experience and supporting a 20% growth in user base

    Championed an initiative to ensure product accessibility and inclusively standards were met; conducted company-wide training sessions and audits, resulting in a 40% increase in customer satisfaction ratings

    2021 - 2023


    Music Blogger

    Advanced new posts using promotional emails, advertisements and social media, successfully alerting and attracting over 5k new readers monthly through whiteHat SEO and Link Building.

    Researched ideas for posts that received high volumes of engagement from target audiences.

    Grew audiences and site engagement by 200% within 2 years through unique and trending content.

    Enhanced SEO strategy by using keywords relevant to target audiences and building links through other site partners.

    Managed the blog's editorial calendar with superb attention to detail, consistently meeting deadlines.

    2018 - 2021

    My Projects

    Take a look some of my featured projects


    Made at - tooXclusive

    Full Stack Ecommerce website built using the P.E.R.N Stack, the client side was built using Next Js and Redux Tool Kit for state management. Data is fetched from the backend API built using Express Js and PostgreSQL.

    Gazetteer App

    Made at - IT Career Switch

    Gazetteer, a mobile first web application that allows users to search for a location and get information about the location. It provides information about the location, weather, and nearby places of interest. The app was built using HTML, PHP, jQuery/AJAX, Leaflet, Bootstrap, and APIs.

    Company Directory

    Made at - IT Career Switch

    Company Directory, a mobile first web application that allows users access to the database to add, edit, delete data.it allows users to search or filter company information within the database.

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